Fellowship in Psychiatry for Long-Term Care Providers

Managing psychotropic prescribing and behavioral health challenges in long-term care is an art, not a science. This is because there is limited evidence for this population and no curative treatments. The medications we have available to us also come with big downsides. But hope is not lost! With thoughtful and individualized prescribing, patients can and do benefit from 1) psychotropic medications, especially when combined with 2) non-pharmacologic interventions and a 3) supportive, knowledgeable facility culture.

This program will teach you how to advocate for this “3-legged stool,” giving you not only the skills to prescribe psychotropics confidently, but also a deeper knowledge of the behavior problems you encounter every day and a bigger toolkit to address them.

In a 6-session workshop using practical, case-based trainings, Dr. Watson models successful strategies for dealing with complex patients, families and interdisciplinary teams. This program is targeted to MD’s, DO’s, NP’s and PA’s but administrative leaders are welcome. Topics for the six didactic sessions incorporate current cases from participants for real-time application. Topics were chosen through focus groups of prescribers working solely in long-term care, based on what they wanted most to learn. The format is power point, whiteboard, peer discussion, review of themes and always ends with Q&A and take-home tips that can be immediately applied. 

Previous organizations have rated the program an average of 5/5 stars with comments such as “the most practically useful training experience I have ever attended.”

On-site workshops can be provided to your organization in two half-day sessions or one full day. 

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