Extending the reach of geriatric psychiatry includes training at all levels along the continuum of providers, families and caregivers. This includes specific instruction to generalist prescribers as well as more general education of non-clinical audiences about the realities of dementia and other behavioral health issues in late life. Dr. Watson is a nationally acclaimed teacher and public speaker.   You can read her blog here.

Services provided:

Fellowship in Psychopharmacology for Long Term Care

  • Certification program for Primary Care Providers in long-term care
  • Practical knowledge to ensure safe, effective and autonomous prescribing of psychoactive medications

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Public Speaking: Education of lay and professional audiences – topics include but not limited to:

  • Safe prescribing of psychotropics in late life
  • Gradual dose reductions – why and how
  • What is dementia anyway?
  • Realities and expectations when living with dementia
  • How to avoid harms in the healthcare system
  • Depression in late life
  • How to create a culture of appropriate prescribing in your practice or facility
  • Importance of non-pharmacologic interventions in dementia
  • Brain health across the lifespan
  • Topics tailored to your setting or need